My Life And The Stations Of The Cross: 14 Moments With Jesus

by Margina Bruno


Praying the Stations of the Cross is a devotion centered on the main events of the Passion of our Lord. If you have not yet done the Stations during the Fridays of Lent, we encourage you to take the opportunity on Good Friday.

In fact, I dare say that we can identify (clearly to a lesser extent) with many of the feelings and experiences of the Lord on his way to Calvary: pain, betrayal, loneliness, falls, comfort, help, etc. .

St. Josemaria Escriva talks about this in some of his meditations on the stations of the Cross. Hehelps us to understand the feelings of Jesus during his Passion and apply them to our daily lives.

Do you to know how to thank Our Lord for all he has done for us?… With love! There is no other way. Love is with love repaid. But the real proof of affection is given by sacrifice. So, take courage!: deny yourself and take up his Cross. Then you will be sure you are returning him love for Love.”(The Way of the Cross)

We invite you and everyone to be a part of this mystery of love, we have prepared an infographic with some reflections based on the meditations of St. Josemaria. We hope that it willhelp you walk with the Lord to the cross and toprepare your heart for Easter!